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miniWork - Editor, Calculator, Image Viewer, Color Picker

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miniWork is a project which includes a group of small VB.Net Winforms office applications. It consists of the text and rich text editor miniEditor, the simple calculator miniCalc, the color picker miniColors and the image viewing program miniViewer. All applications are independent programs which are put together in this project. Every application includes the most important features to do its job.

About the Project

The project is kept very simple, so all the programs only provide the most basic functions. Detailed features of the applications are:


  • Load and save plain text files
  • Edit rich text files in the RichTextBox with different fonts, sizes and colours
  • Print text files
  • Simple encoding detection for text files to detect unicode


  • Calculate expressions with common mathematical operations
  • view history of last calculations


  • Detect colors from screen
  • convert RGB colors to HEX colors
  • save palettes with colors for reuse


  • Load and view images with common file formats
  • Navigate through all image files in a folder


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